Evening Programme Overview

The Start2Stop Evening Programme was founded in 2010. At that time, no-one else in the UK properly understood the special needs of people with binge-pattern addictions, and no treatment options beyond residential rehab or individual therapy were available.

Many competitors have tried, and failed, to copy what we do. To this day, Start2Stop remains London’s busiest, best-known and oldest continuously running private sector outpatient programme.

At Start2Stop, we understand that:

  1. consistently great outcomes are only delivered by long-term treatment programmes
  2. not all people suffering from addiction, especially people with a binge-pattern addiction, either need or want residential rehab.

The Evening Programme is therefore specially designed to give people with binge-pattern problems an effective alternative to either individual therapy or residential rehab: an evidence-based 100 day after-hours programme. With group therapy in the evenings and on Saturday mornings, our Evening Programme is very convenient, allowing clients to be scaffolded into recovery without the need to stop working or live away from home.

This means that Start2Stop clients get into recovery in the real world, building strong and robust recovery structures and learning to deal adaptively with London’s myriad temptations and triggers.

Treatment at Start2Stop is affordable, because outpatient treatment doesn’t involve the costs and overheads of residential rehab. This allows a long-term and gentle therapeutic engagement, which, from a clinical perspective, enables structural and deeply embedded problems to be properly addressed and resolved.

Start2Stop is a first-class treatment centre with a proven track record and a higher than average success rate. We believe that Start2Stop is a place where friendships are made and lives are restored.

Most of the team have worked together since 2012, and some of us have been working together since Start2Stop first opened in 2010 — we know what we are doing, and this is reflected in our outcomes.

With an expert and passionate team who are fully committed to each and every client, and proven and convenient programmes that consistently deliver superb results, Start2Stop is the ideal place to begin or consolidate your recovery process.

Because of Start2Stop I now have a really good structure of recovery that compliments my work and personal life


of Start2Stop alumni surveyed strongly agreed or agreed to the statement that treatment had met their expectations.

Professional Referrals

If you are a professional and would like to refer a patient or client to Start2Stop, click the link below for more information.