How long is the average stay at The Mews House?

Everyone is different and the length of stay will depend upon individual circumstances. We find that 3 months is a good length of time in which to achieve your goals and build a solid recovery support system.

Does The Mews House provide individual counselling?

Yes. Every resident is an assigned their own counsellor when they arrive. There will be a weekly 1:1 counselling session and daily resident-counsellor contact for residents attending our daycare programme.

Does The Mews House offer group therapy?

Yes (please see below).

Is there a Daycare Programme at The Mews House?

Yes. It is provided as part of your treatment fee, for no extra cost, and involves the following holistic elements: mindfulness workshops, meditation, art, Kirtan chanting, yoga.

Downloadable Tertiary Daycare Timetable

Do I have to attend the Daycare Programme?

Yes, if you are not working. No, if you have a job. If you are working, you must attend Serenity every morning, from 08h00-08h20, Sunday afternoon Step Group (16h00 – 17h30) and Sunday night Community Supper (19h00 onwards). You must also be available to meet your counsellor for a weekly 1:1.

Is there a specialist group for people with Eating Disorders?

Yes. Every Monday, from 11h00-12h00, there is an Eating Disorder support group facilitated by our specialist eating disorder therapist.

Is The Mews House suitable for people with Eating Disorders?

Yes. It is very appropriate if you are in a secondary or tertiary phase of your recovery process and able to buy, prepare and cook food and willing to be honest about your processes around food. We can offer you specialist ED group therapy and individual counselling, oversee your daily food plan and work with your dietician and consulting psychiatrist as appropriate. Support at meal times can also be arranged.

How many people live in our mews houses?

Our maximum is 22 clients, of both genders and of varying ages.

Will I be sharing a bedroom with someone?

We offer both shared and private rooms (our clients share rooms with one other person of the same gender).

Are towels and linen provided?

Yes. The Mews House provides fresh linen and towels every Wednesday.

Do I need to buy my own food?

Yes. You will need to take responsibility for shopping and cooking for yourself. However, there is a compulsory residents supper on Sunday nights — the Mews House pays for this, and residents take it in turns to do the cooking.

Am I allowed to work or study while living at The Mews House?

Yes. We encourage residents to get back into work or education.

What support is available at meal times?

Clinical support is available around meal times. Our senior counsellor, a specialist in working with eating disorders, will oversee your daily meal plan and liaise with your dietician, and our weekly eating disorder support group is also a resource that can be utilised.

Am I able to see a dietician or nutritionist whilst at The Mews House?

You can continue to work with an existing dietician or nutritionist. We can also refer you to one.

Does everyone have to eat together?

No. Residents have to eat together only on Sunday nights.

Can I go out in the evenings?

Yes. The Mews House is designed to provide a bridge back to normal living. We want you to have the freedom to make choices and learn to take responsibility for them. Curfew is 23h00 from Sunday – Thursday inclusive, and midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

Can I go out in the daytime?

Absolutely. On arrival you are given a key to the front door, and it is your responsibility to plan your days and use your time in pursuit of your recovery-orientated goals. Residents and counsellors meet every morning at 09h00 to go over everyone’s plans for the day.

Am I allowed to have visitors to the house?

In principle, yes. Visits must be booked in advance through the counselling team and visitors are only allowed in the sitting-room; the rest of the house is out of bounds to them.

Can I stay out over night?

Yes, in principle you can. You must have been at the Mews House for at least 14 days before you can stay out, and any overnight stay elsewhere must be booked with your counsellor.

Do the mews houses have Wifi?


Am I allowed to use my laptop?

Yes. However, if it appears that laptop use is becoming excessive, then we may limit its use.

Am I allowed my mobile phone?


Do I have to hand in my medication?

No. It is your responsibility to take your medication as prescribed and to keep it safely and securely stored in your room. We will be in weekly contact with your psychiatrist during your time at the Mews House.


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