Recovery Coaching & Sober Companioning

A sober coach is usually engaged to provide discreet, tailored support. This might be around alcoholism, drug addiction, or an eating disorder. The sober coach’s primary duty is to support their client and ensure that relapse is prevented. Sober coaching is immersive, confidential, convenient and bespoke. 

An engagement with a sober coach may be anything from a few hours a week of extra support and ‘glue’, to many months long. The coaching may all be in London, or it could involve travel abroad, discreet support at high-risk family functions or business conferences, or even be live-in.  It all depends on what the recovering person needs and wants.

Sober coaching is a service that Start2Stop has been offering since 2010. Not just to clients on a formal Start2Stop programme, but to clients who may not want, or have the time for, formal treatment, and who prefer the convenience of a bespoke sober coach.

Start2Stop has a highly motivated team of trusted, experienced, insured, and professional coaches. All our recovery coaches are in long-term personal recovery.

For further advice, please contact our office on +44 207 581 4908 or use the contact form on this website to send us your enquiry.