Kendrick Cottage

Founded in 2017, Kendrick Cottage is in a luxury mews house located in Kendrick Mews, in the exclusive London borough of South Kensington, a few minutes away from Knightsbridge and the Kings Road.

Carefully designed to support recovery from addiction, Kendrick Cottage offers safe and luxurious residential accommodation, recovery support and counselling. Some residents may live at Kendrick Cottage and engage with The Mews House secondary or tertiary programmes, though this is not obligatory. Other residents might use Kendrick Cottage as a safe base while they return to life in London, possibly obtaining bespoke support from external professionals as they do so.

Kendrick Cottage sits in the vibrant Start2Stop recovery community in the heart of central London, giving its residents the opportunity to plug into the Start2Stop recovery network.

All bedrooms are large doubles, for single occupancy. There is WiFi throughout, a spacious sitting-room and dining-room with large wall-mounted flat screen TV, and the modern and roomy kitchen is equipped to the highest standards. Kendrick Cottage is based in the heart of London’s recovery community, with fellowship meetings just a few minutes’ walk away, seven days a week.


of Start2Stop alumni surveyed strongly agreed or agreed to the statement that treatment had met their expectations.

What we do

Residents will either have completed long-term treatment abroad or elsewhere in the UK, or be graduates of The Mews House & Start2Stop. Residents will have done excellent first stage work and no longer need too much therapeutic structure.

Eating Disorder Residents

Kendrick Cottage is sensitive to, and supportive of, people in recovery from EDs. We will do our best to help you avoid relapse, hold the process and move forward into long-lasting and sustainable freedom from an active ED.

Our Mission

Is therefore to help you hold the process and support you in building powerful recovery structures at home in London, until you are ready to move out and lead an independent life in recovery. Once you complete treatment at Start2Stop, you are warmly encouraged to attend our Aftercare programme. This is free-for-life and open to all graduates of a Start2Stop residential or outpatient programme.

Included in the Kendrick Cottage Treatment Fee

  • Intake assessment
  • Weekly individual counselling (more frequent therapy sessions can be booked)
  • Nightly support from our RAs (recovery assistants)
  • Daycare programme (if recommended or required)
  • Weekly urine and breathalyser testing
  • Weekly Eating Disorder Support Group
  • Weekly drop-in Family Programme for significant others
  • Wifi & all utilities
  • Weekly clean linen and towels

Professional Referrals

If you are a professional and would like to refer a patient or client to Start2Stop, click the link below for more information.