An intervention is a structured and caring process that occurs when the family and significant others of a loved one decide that they are not prepared to stand back and let things carry on.

When all else has failed, intervention is about trying to help someone who does not see the need for help or is resistant to it. Intervention is usually a last resort when lives and sanity are on the line.

The goal of an intervention is typically to get the loved one to see their reality and to get them safely into the care of a residential addiction treatment centre. This takes some doing: interventions require careful preparation, coaching of significant others and sensitive case-management. An intervention process should only be carried out by a board-certified interventionist with the proper training needed to ensure that the intervention process is both safe and likely to be successful.

Start2Stop works in partnership with trusted interventionists. They will talk to the family (and/or friends) of the client involved in the intervention, schedule a time for the intervention to take place and make arrangements for the client to be admitted to treatment immediately following the intervention. They will also meet with the family to discuss the procedure and treatment possibilities. They will help train the ‘team’ of family and friends to move from a position of ignorance of the disease of addiction to one of knowledge. They will identify specific times when each person in the team has been affected in order to be objective when the actual intervention takes place. The interventionist will also help establish how each individual in the family system has allowed (enabled) the disease to continue its progressive path over the years and how each person will change and discontinue these enabling behaviours once the client returns from treatment.

As part of the intervention process, our interventionist will help a family member or a friend to call the admissions department of their chosen treatment centre in order to have the necessary client information and documentation ready and prepared prior to admission.

If the client accepts help, he or she is immediately admitted to the appropriate treatment centre. Our interventionist will have already informed the treatment centre and its staff of the critical information gained during the intervention. With the right professional help, the addicted person can be helped into a recovery process, no matter how resistant or unwilling they seem to be.

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