Why Tertiary?

Tertiary is a key step in the recovery journey. It is when formal therapeutic structures start to fall away, and clients step more and more into life.

A person will be ready for tertiary when they have been in recovery for some time, started to live a recovery lifestyle and developed a strong 12-Step support system. They will be almost, but not quite, ready for fully independent living.

By now, recovery is well on the way to being internalised; only a limited amount of external scaffolding is needed.


At this point, our mission is to help our residents:

  • Step into a recovery lifestyle
  • Get everything in place to support fully independent living
  • Tertiary is the point when a nearly independent life in recovery is starting to be lived.

“I enjoyed my time there immensely, and have made some fantastic friends whilst living in South Kensington”

The Mews House tertiary programme includes:

A structured & holistic Daycare programme that is finished by lunchtime. This provides the time and space needed to engage with important life goals. Residents who are working, studying or volunteering do not have to attend Daycare, other than on days off.

Tertiary treatment at The Mews House has many benefits:

  • A Daycare structure that keeps one focused and busy from 8am until lunchtime, leaving the rest of the day clear to focus on identified goals
  • Weekly individual counselling with a dedicated key therapist
  • The opportunity to live in a recovery community, where freedom is balanced with accountability
  • A safe base to live while stepping back into work
  • A safe base to live while finding appropriate accommodation to move into
  • The opportunity to strengthen your recovery network where you live, ready to support you when you move home
  • The opportunity to consolidate and practise the skills learnt in primary and secondary treatment
  • Learning to take increasing responsibility for choices and life
  • Valuable additional time in which to find life direction
  • The opportunity for family involvement via therapist-facilitated meetings and our weekly Family Programme
  • The safety net offered by weekly urine and drug testing


of Start2Stop alumni surveyed strongly agreed or agreed to the statement that treatment had met their expectations.

Professional Referrals

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