The Workplace

Epidemiological studies have consistently found that some 12% of the British population has drink and drug related problems. In other words, around 1 in 8 employees are likely to be substance misusers. Recent studies have suggested that the cost to business of this alcohol and drug misuse, in terms of absenteeism, lowered productivity, reduced efficiency, accidents and sick leave, is some £14 billion per annum. Best current estimates are that, each year, substance misuse costs businesses fifteen million lost working days.

Substance misuse is, then, a huge problem. Employers and occupational health providers are being required to deal with increasing numbers of employees who have drug or alcohol problems. This can be challenging. A common conundrum is how to balance the needs of the addicted person with the needs of other employees. These days, best management practice is not to simply sack experienced and valued staff who have addiction problems. It is instead to confront the problem with honesty and understanding and provide viable pathways to recovery.

Start2Stop, by offering an after-hours addiction treatment programme, is able to offer busy professionals the opportunity to recover from their addiction while also being able to continue working and attending to their families.

If you feel that this cost-effective, confidential and effective solution may be suitable for you or your employees, or for further advice on dealing with substance misuse in the workplace, please  use the contact form on this website to send us your enquiry.


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Professional Referrals

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