Evening Programme and Eating Disorders

Start2Stop works with eating disordered clients who are motivated to engage, willing to work with advice, and who are physically healthy.

We can be a good fit for people struggling with an eating disorder when there is a co-occurring drug or alcohol misuse problem. We are the wrong programme for an ED with high acuity, such as anorexia nervosa or out of control bulimia.

We understand that recovering from an eating disorder is a difficult and lengthy process.

“Thank you, Cosmo and all the team, for transforming my life”

Our job is to help our ED clients to:

  1. Stabilise
  2. Develop healthy coping mechanisms and more adaptive ways of self-soothing and managing emotional experiences
  3. Develop insight and understanding into their processes around food & self-image
  4. Build a recovery support system
  5. Integrate new food structures into their lives
  6. Improve emotional and interpersonal communication skills

Our highly trained ED therapists will work with you individually, oversee your daily food structures, liaise with your dietician, and work alongside any external consultant or therapist.

Eating Disorder Treatment at Start2Stop includes:

  • Individual therapy with an experienced ED specialist
  • Daily food plan oversight
  • Eating Disorder Support Group
  • Group Therapy
  • Educational workshops on all aspects of addiction & recovery
  • Weekly Family Programme for significant others & loved ones
  • A long-term, supported, therapeutic process
  • Professional liaison
  • We will expect you to work with a dietician or nutritionist and, where appropriate, have regular contact with a consulting psychiatrist or GP. We will also expect you to attend ED 12-step fellowship meetings.

ED Aftercare

All ED clients who have completed treatment with Start2Stop are invited to attend a weekly, drop-in, ED Support Group. This is free for life.