Secondary Care Programme

Residents will usually come to us for secondary care after completing 28-day primary treatment for a substance dependence disorder, or after a more extended period of first phase treatment for a behavioural addiction.

Secondary care at The Mews House is focused on helping our residents learn to live life in recovery, and on building a recovery architecture that can then be stepped into.

The Mews House recommends a 90 day secondary programme. This is an evidence-based period of time in which to build the necessary recovery structures.

The Mews House is a thriving therapeutic community and residents are expected to pull their weight and contribute to this by being active participants in all house activities.

The secondary programme involves around 30 formal therapeutic hours a week. Programme elements include:

  1. Daycare Programme (8am – lunchtimes)
  2. Evening Programme (two nights a week & Saturday mornings)
  3. Individual Counselling
  4. Family Work
  5. Homework assignments & Step-work
  6. Compulsory 12-Step Attendance (5 meetings a week)
  7. Acquisition of core Fellowship structures: Sponsor, Service Position & Home Group
  8. Regular drug testing and urine screening
  9. Stepping into life: education, job, or volunteering
  10. Learning to schedule and plan time
  11. Development of internalised relapse prevention skills
  12. Free afternoons in which to process, attend to work/family commitments, do homework, attend social activities, volunteer or study.

Our high staff-client ratio also means that the Mews House is able to provide proper help and effective support around meals and food plans for people with eating disorders.

“The Mews house was more than just a treatment centre for me – it felt like home”

When a resident has completed secondary treatment, they may then be ready to cut down their formal therapeutic inputs, and step down into a Tertiary programme.

Free Aftercare (for life) is available to all residents who have completed secondary treatment with us.

The set-up there is so brilliant and everyone there is so supportive and knowledgeable


of Start2Stop alumni surveyed strongly agreed or agreed to the statement that treatment had met their expectations.

Professional Referrals

If you are a professional and would like to refer a patient or client to Start2Stop, click the link below for more information.