Are you Codependent?

This screening tool, based upon one developed by CODA, will help you get a sense of whether you might be codependent.

Is your self-esteem largely dependent upon other people liking you?
Do you harbour a lot of self-pity and resentment?
Do you prefer to focus on other people rather than yourself?
Do you struggle to say ‘No’?
Are you a people-pleaser?
When you start to feel anxious, do you tend to try to control the feelings or behaviour of other people?
Do you feel that you are responsible for ensuring that other people’s needs are met?
Would you say that your own needs come second to those of other people?
Do you let other people decide how you:
Do you try to control how other people:
Do you struggle to hold healthy boundaries in any of the following areas:
Do you have a pattern of getting into relationships with people who:
Do you find yourself:
Do you have difficulty with healthy emotional expression, such as:
Are you addicted to:
Has there been any of the following abuse in your family of origin or your previous relationships:
Are you a caretaker, such as:
Does your fear of abandonment have any of the following consequences:
Do you or your family have a large investment in looking good, such as:
Were/Are the following rules (spoken or not) enforced in your family: