Why Outpatient Treatment?

Outpatient addictions treatment is an excellent option for someone with a binge-pattern problem. ‘Binge-pattern’ means that you are not using/drinking/acting out all day every day, but that, when you do, then, more often than not, you will experience a loss of control & find yourself behaving in ways that are unmanageable.

You will have been unsuccessfully trying to cut down or control things for months or years. You know you need help, and may have tried individual therapy, psychology, or psychiatry, but to no avail.

Start2Stop offers a 14-week Outpatient Programme which blends group and individual therapies to allow you to get into recovery in the context of your life.

“What is brilliant about this programme is that it encourages you to take the option to live life a different way”

The programme times are in the evenings and on Saturday mornings, meaning that you can continue attending to work and family responsiblities.

We take binge-pattern clients on from Day 1 of the recovery journey, and clients with more entrenched problems are invited to join the Outpatient Programme when they have completed a month of residential primary.

Traditional inpatient treatment is not always necessary or indicated: Addiction exists on a continuum, from ‘not so bad’ to ‘life threatening’ – it is where you sit on this continuum that determines the right treatment option for you.

Convenient: Therapy is after-hours, allowing you to recover from your addiction while continuing to work, live at home and attend to your responsibilities.

Effective: Recovery in the real world is what Start2Stop is about. This tends to lay the foundations for robust and real recoveries. Several hundred clients have been treated by the Start2Stop Outpatient Programme model and we are proud to say that our outcomes are second to none.

Affordable: One month of excellent treatment on our Outpatient Programme costs about the same as three days in a typical private residential rehab.

Long-term: Start2Stop is renowned for its long-term treatment programme. When you think about it, it is self-evident that rehab needs to be long-term: it takes most people suffering from addiction years to become ready to address it, during which time there will inevitably be multi-dimensional damages that won’t get fixed overnight. Recovery takes time.

Confidentiality assured: Start2Stop’s after-hours format means that clients can recover from addiction while retaining complete confidentiality about their involvement in an addictions treatment programme.

Supportive of ongoing professional treatment/therapy: You can continue to work with your referring psychiatrist or therapist while attending outpatient treatment with Start2Stop.

Family Programme: Our Wednesday night Family Programme is a fantastic resource that is open to all family members and significant others.

Aftercare: We pride ourselves on our community of ex-patients, or alumni. Aftercare is not only a place to re-connect, see old friends and check in, but is also free for life for anyone who has completed treatment with us.