Why Secondary?

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines addiction as a ‘chronic, relapsing, illness’. Because addiction is a chronic condition, its treatment needs to be commensurately long-term.

To think that primary treatment is ‘mission accomplished’ is to miss the fundamental point that recovery requires a multi-modal change process. While a 28-day primary treatment delivers a very valuable foundation, it is ultimately the beginning of the recovery journey, and is not an end in itself. Extended time in treatment is therefore consistently linked with improved outcomes.

Secondary care is particularly helpful for people who:

  • Have minimal or no support
  • Need to remove themselves from a hazardous environment
  • Want extra time in which to nail down their recovery
  • Have a history of relapse
  • Have a dual disorder (e.g. anxiety/ depression/ bi-polar/ personality disorder)
“I have a life that is full, that has its ups and downs but that is full of laughter, people and most of all hope”

Second stage treatment at The Mews House has many benefits:

  • The chance to live in a recovery community
  • Development of relapse prevention skills, in the face of real-life triggers and temptations
  • The opportunity to attend 12-Step meetings and build a recovery network where you live, ready to support you when you move home
  • Learning to live a recovery lifestyle
  • The opportunity to make recovery friends
  • Learning to be chemically-free & behaviourally abstinent in the context of the real world
  • The opportunity to learn communication and interpersonal skills
  • Learning to take responsibility for money management and budgeting
  • Learning key life skills
  • The time needed to process underlying traumas and hurts
  • Learning even more about addiction and recovery
  • Learning about boundaries
  • Valuable additional time in which to find life direction
  • The opportunity for family involvement via therapist-facilitated meetings and our weekly Family Programme